Here are some tips that will help you to optimize your vaping experience and the operation of your vaporizer:

  1. Make sure that the battery is fully charged and your liquid tank is full, so you can vape all day.
  2. Clean all parts regularly with a clean cloth. Clean the nozzle, battery contacts, etc.
  3. The heating element (the coil) should be replaced after using about five bottles of liquid. If the flavor decreases or changes, this often means that the coil should be replaced. You can view an instructional video on how to replace it here. Do not wait too long and replace the coil in time. The coils are available from your dealer or from our website
  4. If you switch between different liquids, clean the fluid tank, the coil and the mouthpiece well. You can do this by flushing these parts with hot water and then drying them thoroughly with a clean cloth.
  5. Use the original battery charger to avoid overcharging. The maximum voltage is 4.5 volts. The plug is a universal EU-type and bears the CE mark.
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